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Prepared Spaces

Tired of rearranging your space? Need a little more advice from someone with early childhood experience? Learn the secrets to prepare your home to best support the stages of development of your child. Share photos of your space and we'll share our guidance via video conference. (Valued at $175.)

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1:1 Mentoring

There are plenty of resources for when you're expecting your little one. But what do you do once they are here!? Don't have time to read all the books? From toileting to reading + behavior to manners we're here to help with your infant, toddler, or preschooler. (Starting at $175.)

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Ignite Your Inner Guide

Do you have the basics of preparing your home and supporting your child figured out, but still have intuition that there's something more? Let us guide you to dig deep into your parenting and shed what isn't working for you and discover your most aligned personal parenting journey. (Starting at $250.)

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Love Notes + Testimonials

"Working with Stevie has been more than helpful. I've learned how to be much more patient with my toddler because I feel prepared on how to handle typical situations such as sharing, pushing, bedtime, and climbing, which in turn allows me to be more present and mindful with my child. Let Education Optimist and Stevie be your toddler and preschool guide. You'll experience less anxiety and more joy in your life. "

Jessica Gleim
Work At Home Mom, Digital Marketing + Design

Why Montessori?

Research shows that children in their first plane of development from 0-6 years old are in their prime for developing brain architecture that will assist them throughout their entire life. Montessori philosophy prepares the child and builds strong foundations for developing order, concentration, coordination, and independence, that will be used throughout the rest of thier life.


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An independent child is a confident child. A confident child is a happy child. A happy child is far less likely to engage in power struggles + is prepared for academic learning success!