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Looking for some motivation on how to start preparing your home? Read on + get inspired.

Being a Parent is a true gift and somewhat challenging at times.

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Most of all this guide will be the first step in supporting you and your toddler to THRIVE together.

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Preparing the Environment

The home is our safe place. It's where we learn about life, love, and laughter. Preparing your home intentionally with your toddler in mind will stoke their natural curiosity for learning, support their natural need for independence, and leave them feeling confident + happy.

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Following the Child

Your toddler is most likely SUPER interested in your day to day activities. Learn the BASICS of preparing your home + watch your little one thrive as they participate in the daily routine with you.

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The Prepared Parent

 Education Optimist embraces the beautiful journey of the whole parent. Reflecting inward and treating yourself with the same loving kindness you have for your toddler will bring you the peace and joy you need to keep up with your toddlers boundless energy.

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