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Diffuse That Power Struggle with Two Simple Questions

power struggle Sep 25, 2018

Hello Sweet Mama,


I have a question for you.


Has your toddler ever had a meltdown that left you feeling tense, uncomfortable, or second guessing your choice of discipline?


Well sweet Mama, you are not alone.


Let me share a story with you. This story starts with two simple questions for your six and under child:


“Are you going to do it by yourself, or do you want me to help you do it?”


These two questions are on constant rewind + replay at our house with our sweet two year old.


Whether she’s standing on a chair, brushing her hair or teeth (or not), using her independence to show me how awesome it is to lay on the stairs (giving me nightmares), we use these two questions over + over + over.


Nine times out of ten she + most other toddlers will want to do what you’re asking by themselves rather than having assistance from us.


Use these questions - you’ll get sick of them - but they work.


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