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Seeds Don't Produce Overnight

parenting patience Oct 05, 2018

Have you ever wished your child would just listen to you?


Have you ever thought, how many times do I have to repeat myself?


Have you ever felt your internal temperature start to rise and all of your common sense start to go out the the window?


I’m a parent, and I have.


It’s in these quiet moments of downtime and reflection where we are able to see things more clearly. Today I want to share a snapshot of clarity. I want to share some ideas that have helped me to find more satisfaction and contentment in my parenting. Sound helpful!?


It Takes Time


First off, try thinking about your child like a seed that you’ve planted in the ground. If we think of parenting like being a farmer it’s helpful for us to remember that seeds don’t sprout overnight.


When we find our blood starting to boil perhaps we can find a little bit of comfort in the process knowing that no matter how ticked off we feel + no matter how...

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