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You Can Have it All...Just Not All at Once

How many times do we have to set ourselves up for failure with extreme goal setting before we realize it's not actually helping us at all? Sure, you'll get a lot done in a shorter amount of time. The big issue is the tole it takes on all of your loved ones as they try to be in your life as you tackle such extreme goals. I would guess if you're the type of person that sets these kinds of goals you steadfastly set out to conquer them. Think about your quality of life when you do this. You may think it's ok, especially because once you accomplish your goal it will all be better, or you'll have reached the finish line. I've got news for you, there will always be something else after you've accomplished your big goal, the one that was going to free you from all of your stress, and the one that was going to provide you with everything you've been striving for.

Sometimes in our lives we have epiphany's. Those epiphany's lead us into the next steps of our lives. It may be as...

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