The World Needs Happy Healthy Humans

Hi, I’m Stevie.

I’m a confident and joyful mother, wife, teacher, and Montessori educator. Everyday I get the chance to give parents the tools to drop the power struggles and make learning together fun. But I didn’t always have this life: the business, the consulting, the confidence in myself as a parent and as a person.

In fact when I was in school, I wanted to hide. I remember masking my insecurities with makeup, tight smiles, and giving into peer pressure. I desperately wanted to fit in, but worried I could never fit the mold.

Can you relate? 

The Turning Point

After learning about positive psychology in college, I unknowingly devoted myself to mindset work and inner growth. And when the chance came to support my 17 year-old sister in opening her dream karate studio, I came on board and co-created a leadership program that ultimately led me to discovering the Montessori principles. What I learned became my mission, not just for my own life, but for the lives of every child I touched on my teaching journey.

Owning Your Worth

I fell in love with the Montessori method, because it empowers both teachers and students to know what they stand for and claim their power. This is exactly the type of environment I want to raise my daughter in, and I know that I’m meant to share these gifts with a world full of children who are craving this.

I earned my American Montessori Society credential in 2009 and my master’s degree in education in 2014 all while teaching (and learning) in a Montessori classroom. And now I have the honor of sharing my gifts with families around the world through virtual coaching and programs.

Are You Ready?

Maybe you’ve stumbled on this site because you’re pulling your hair out with the toilet learning process, you're struggling with behaviors you don't like, or are worried about how to help your child feel excited and engaged about learning to read, and trying to figure out which school is right for your little one.

As parents, we are all doing our very best for our babies. We want them to know that they matter and that what they do in this world counts. That is where Montessori principles begin, and once these basic needs are met, we can move on to getting excited about academics.

The Montessori method fills in the gaps for our mainstream schools and busy, chaotic lives. The spiritual growth of the teacher is actually part of the Montessori teacher training program! We're trained to teach to the whole child not to the standardized test.

I don’t know if Montessori is the answer for you and your family, but I can tell you that it sure is a powerful tool for discovering what truly matters in life and passing those gifts onto your children.

Work with Me

If you are ready to feel more confident as a parent and have fun teaching your child, then I hope you’ll book a free consultation. You deserve to drop the constant self-doubt and parenting guilt, and finally feel confident in this role you were born to do.


Hello Sweet Mama

Welcome to the first step on making your parenting journey easier + way more enjoyable. We look forward to supporting you with your parenting goals!